Bud Light's unforgivable advertising fail

A guide on how to piss off everyone

There are so many things to learn from this situation. Mostly what a genius move the initial thing was.

So in case you haven't watched what happened, Bud Light sent a can of beer to Dylan Mulvaney. And immediately the backlash from the extreme right was enormous ! It was basically free advertising on all media. Bud Light was literally everywhere. Mostly because idiots were shooting cans and destroying them in other ways, but still.

On my side of the fence (queer people in case you're wondering.... I know very few cis/het people) people heard about things from the backlash. We were all very excited about things. We thought everything was getting better. We thought that despite the things going on in Texas and Florida things weren't all going to hell.

And then obviously Anheuser Busch made great strides towards pissing off the other side. So instead of standing on the side of people just wanting to live their life, they chose to do a complete 180 and try to somehow appeal to the side of oppression. So thank you, Bud Light, for making it clear that you don't really care about people like me. Now obviously queer people definitely won't buy Bud Light meaning that all the impact that came from Dylan Mulvaney wasn't just undone, it was a net negative. And on the far right side, do they really think they can undo the damage they've done by being inclusive and supportive ?

Now they're likely still getting boycotted by both sides. This just may have been the single worst advertising campaign ever. Of course it's too early to know, but I can't think of another advertising campaign that managed to have a negative impact on literally everyone.